Historical Map of Scotland

Historical Map of Scotland, John Bartholomew & Son Ltd., 1952

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Up into the finals, I hope this colorful map could cheer you up in the midst of projects and exams! For those who will go to Scotland for the field trip next semester, this is also a map for you! 

This map is a part of a Children’s map series along with other maps including the Children’s map of London, Ireland, and the world. As a map made for children, the Historical Map of Scotland is delightfully decorated with bright, high-saturated colors and cartoon-like illustrations. The producer and publisher of this map, John Bartholomew and Son Ltd., was an outstanding mapmaking and publishing company in Edinburgh that was established in the late 19th century.  

The pictorial map of Scotland is surrounded by the coat of arms of the Scottish family and clan chiefs. On the center top is the coat of arms of Scotland Royal Stewart, which perhaps is the most important one among all. The sizes of the coat of arms also vary according to the importance of the houses. The map also depicts the cathedrals, abbeys, battles, castles, towns, ports, roads, and scenic and historical features of historical Scotland. The battles, for example, are labeled with dates for educational purposes. Historical events, moreover, are illustrated with cartoon paintings, which vividly visualize the history for the kids. Text boxes, which contain selections from Scotland poems, songs, or quotations from famous historical figures, are also delightful to read. The cheering tone of the texts provides an intriguing way to explore Scottish culture.

The north arrow and scale bar, however, are placed directly on the pictorial map and are very hard to read. Nonetheless, these figures might not be particularly important if the intended purpose is to help children learn the history of Scotland.  

Take a moment to browse through the coat of arms, which one is your favorite? What features should be considered in making a map for the children? 

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