New Mexico Highway Geologic Map

New Mexico Highway Geologic Map
New Mexico Geological Society, 1982
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Hello everyone, 

I hope everyone is doing well at this edge of the first half of the semester and is ready for the October break! This week, I would like to highlight a New Mexico geologic highway map. If you are traveling on highways this fall break, perhaps try to find such maps for the road trip!

Highway Geologic maps are the maps that show the basic geologic framework of the area relative to the highway system. These maps are normally made for geologists or travelers interested in geologic features. In our map collection, we have plenty of such maps of different regions! 

This New Mexico Highway Geologic Map was the product of a New Mexico Geological Society project that was initiated in 1979. As the target audiences for this specific map are highway travelers who potentially have interests in the geology and terrains, there are very detailed annotations of the symbolisms, instructions on how to read these geological maps, and general introductions about New Mexico’s tectonic history.  

On the front side of the map, it is the geologic highway map that includes information such as about states and federal highway roads, lithology, and tectonic structures. The geologic map is divided into seven regions, each is presented with one stratigraphic column and one annotation above. On the back of the sheet, there are additional maps including a satellite photomap, a tectonic map, and a physiographic map that comprehend the travelers’ understanding of the land. Moreover, this sheet also includes information about natural resources with economic importance; read through the text boxes if you have some time!

What are some of the geophysical features you can find on this map? 

Happy October Breakkkk 🙂

Yidan Xu ’24