Poughkeepsie Water Supply System Master Plan

Published by Gibbs & Hill Inc, 18 January 1961

Hello and welcome back,

I hope everyone had a good break. Now that we’ve come back to Poughkeepsie, I thought I’d highlight this plan for the Poughkeepsie water supply system from 1961.

One of the main changes the plan proposes is moving the water treatment plant slightly north (as seen in the upper left corner of the map). According to the City of Poughkeepsie’s Annual Drinking Water Quality Report from 2012, the proposed water treatment plant was built in 1962, and remains Poughkeepsie’s main treatment plant today (it’s located near the Marist campus). It’s unclear what factors might have played into the decision to explore new options for the water system, like a growing population, exposure to pollutants, or a need to better work with the Hudson’s estuary line, for example.

The other major proposed changes on the map are what would appear to be water mains, indicated by the thick solid and dashed lines (sorted into first, second, and future stages in the key). The large area to the right of the I.B.M. sewage treatment plant, the Spackenkill area, looks like a target area for the first stage of development.

Aside from the proposed expansions, this map has great information on wells and reservoirs in the area. Welcome back to the Hudson Valley!


Aidan Antonienko ‘21

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