In the computer labs


ArcGIS Pro is installed on Windows workstations in the GIS Lab and Laybourne Visualization (Sci Vis) Lab. You must log into Windows with your Vassar Single Sign-On (SSO) to use the computers. When you open ArcGIS Pro in either of the labs, it will also prompt you to sign in using your SSO to use the software.

Signing in

1. Log in to Windows on the computer using your SSO.

2. Open ArcGIS Pro using the icon on the desktop or find it in the Windows Start Menu.

3. In the ArcGIS Sign In window, check the box next to Sign in automatically. Click the Vassar College bar beneath the ArcGIS login space. This will prompt the VassarOne SSO login screen to appear.

4. In the SSO login screen, check the Sign in automatically box in the lower left to make sure it logs you in automatically next time, and enter your SSO credentials as usual. ArcGIS Pro will open up ready to use.

Accessing the U:\ drive for your own files: 

Generally, you will probably be accessing U:\ from a lab PC. But here are instructions for a Mac, also.

On a PC: