Vassar courses and desktop GIS support is focused on ArcGIS Pro, the industry standard commercial software for geospatial mapping. ArcGIS Pro is installed on Windows workstations in the GIS Lab and Laybourne Visualization (Sci Vis) Lab, and is available for installation on student, faculty, and academic staff computers (Windows only). Esri’s legacy desktop software, ArcMap, is also available if needed for legacy projects. (If you’re an ArcMap user, consider making the switch to ArcGIS Pro.) Vassar also supports Quantum GIS (QGIS) and Google Earth Pro.

Computer Labs

Vassar maintains two computer laboratories equipped with the latest versions of ArcGIS Pro (version 3.0), QGIS, and Google Earth Pro. To schedule a class, event, or work session in the labs, please reach out to the appropriate contacts and see the lab calendars below for availability.

GIS Lab – Ely Hall 114 | 19 workstations
Scheduling: lab availability
Contacts: Rick Jones | 845-437-7607 | ricjones@vassar.edu
Neil Curri | 845-437-7708 | necurri@vassar.edu

Laybourne Visualization Laboratory (Sci Vis Lab) – Bridge for Laboratory Sciences 101 | 29 workstations
Scheduling: lab availability
Contacts: Karly Andreassen | 845-437-7866 | kandreassen@vassar.edu

Mobile Mapping Hardware

The Earth Science and Geography Department maintains equipment that can be loaned temporarily for individual use or taken on-site to perform field mapping. To reserve equipment or for more information, contact Rick Jones or Neil Curri (see GIS Lab contacts above).

  • iPads: 3 Ipad 7th generation and 6 Ipad Air
  • GPS receivers for mobile mapping using Ipads: 4 Bad Elf units
  • Recreational GPS units for coordinate mapping: 1 Garmin eTrex Legend HCx and 2 Garmin eTrex vista HCx

Instructions and Tutorials

Get Help

Request a GIS consultation for help accessing, installing, or using geospatial mapping tools.