Sharing ArcGIS Online Map

Directly sharing ArcGIS Online Map

1) With the map open, click the “Share map” button on the Contents toolbar.

2. You can choose the sharing range in the pop-up:

If you choose “Organization”, viewers who logged in their Vassar’s ArcGIS Online account could view it. To share it publicly, choose “Public”. Then, the map can be viewed by anyone with or without a login.

If you have added other content to your map that is not shared, it should warn you and ask if you want to share that too. Both the map itself and any content items (i.e. layers) within the map need to be shared for your audience to view it. 

You may also share your map under “My Content.”

1. Open “Content,” then click “My Content.”

2. You see the list of any maps or other content items you’ve created in ArcGIS Online. Select the checkbox next to the map you want to share, then click the share button in the upper-right and choose the audience to whom you want to share it. 

But “Sharing” simply sets the sharing settings. In order to share the link to your map with your instructor or anyone else, you can either

  • highlight the URL while you’re viewing the map, copy and paste it into an email to your professor or anyone else you’d like to share it with;
  • on the details page of the map, you can get a shortened URL by clicking the share icon and copying the URL it’ll show you there. Like this:

Sharing ArcGIS Online Map as an Instant App

In addition to sharing ArcGIS Online Maps directly, you may also turn it into an instant app. Instant App can quickly transform your map into an interactive platform where audiences can interact with your maps and data in a more intuitive way. 

1. Click the “9 dots” on the upper right of the ArcGIS Online interface, scroll down to find and click “Instant Apps.”

2. You may choose the type of App for your map according to your needs. The box “Suggestions” on the left can navigate you through the process. You may also preview the “sample” map. Click “Choose” once you find the most appropriate app.

3. You may add your ArcGIS Online map by clicking “Step 1. Map.” Once finished with all other settings, click “Publish.”

4. After publishing your app, you can open it by clicking “Launch.” You can share it by clicking “Copy Link;” however, you may want to first change the “Sharing Level” to “Organization” or “Public” by clicking “Change share settings.”