Remote Access to GIS Workstations——Virtual Desktop

For working outside of the Sci Vis lab, we have two options:

1. Remote Desktop – remote control access of the computers in the Sci Vis lab

2. Virtual Desktop – a cloud-based virtual desktop accessed through Vapps

If you encounter issues, contact the Service Desk (845) 437-7224, for assistance.

Instructions below assume that you are either logged into the VPN or on campus; if you are off campus and need VPN, request VPN Access from CIS

Accessing the Virtual Desktop, on Vapps:

1.Before logging into Vapps virtual desktop, You will need to ask CIS to give you access to the Desktop for ArcGIS. 

2. In a browser window: Log in to, using your Vassar ID and password. 

3. Click “Desktop,” then “GIS Lab.”

4. The Virtual Desktop shall automatically open in a seperate tab. Note: if this is your first time using Virtual Desktop, it will take a while to set up.

You can also access Virtual Desktop through Citrix.

You can install Citrix in two ways:

a. Here is a general CIS instruction to install Citrix.

b. After logging into the Vapps website, go to “Account Setting”

Click “Download Citrix Workspace app”

Once installed, enter the URL and go through the same steps as in the website version of Virtual Desktop.