Sustainable Hudson Valley

Sustainable Hudson Valley’s mission is to speed up, scale up, jazz up and leverage progress against climate change, creating communities where people and nature thrive. They work across many disciplines to work to achieve climate goals throughout the state.

Opportunities for enagement:

  • Support the Regional Climate Action Strategy: research, writing, and data visualization intern team to help finalize the publication of the Regional Climate Action Strategy currently in discussion draft
  • Build on the GIS and storymapping work of past intern teams.
  • Support the Repair Cafe of the Hudson Valley (SHV) and Catskills with data entry, graphic design, outreach and hands-on assistance at Repair Cafe events

For more information, read the full description of this opportunity among the other Environmental Justice and Food Security CEL opportunities (scroll down the page or search for “Sustainable Hudson Valley”), or contact SHV’s Executive Director, Melissa Everett, or Vassar GIS Consultant, Neil Curri. To learn more about enrolling in CEL, set up an appointment with Jean or Elizabeth in the Office of Community Engaged Learning.