August 31 – Deadline to sign up for 2022 Dutchess County Pedestrian/Bicycle Counts

Sign up to participate in the 2022 Pedestrian/Bicycle Count in mid-September by going to the signup sheet and picking a location/date/time to volunteer. The dates for this year’s counts are Tuesday September 20, Wednesday September 21, and Thursday September 22 (all 4-6 pm; you choose which day to count), and Saturday, September 24 (12-2 pm). Counting locations are available near Vassar or accessible by bus. (Poughkeepsie system map here, route schedules here.) Please sea for more information. A virtual training session for volunteers will be held in early September.

Counts are done at ‘screenlines’ along a street and at intersections. At screenlines, the counter tallies each person that crosses in front of them on the street or sidewalk. At intersections, the counter tallies each person that crosses the intersection on foot, or rides through on a bike.

The count forms and instructions are posted on our Pedestrian & Bicycle Counts webpage. Please make sure to use the correct form, based on whether you’re counting at a screenline or intersection. A Google spreadsheet will be shared where you can enter your data, and counters will also be asked to either fax, email, or mail your completed count forms to the Dutchess County Transportation Council.

If you have any questions, please contact Emily Dozier, Sr. Planner, Dutchess County Transportation Council at or (845) 486-3615.