Geologic Map of New York: Hudson – Mohawk sheet

Geologic Map of New York: Hudson – Mohawk sheet
Compiled and edited by Donald W. Fisher, Yngvar W. Isachsen, and Lawrence V. Richard
1970, reprinted 1995; Map Scale: 1:250,000

Hello everyone,

This week, we continue to dwell in New York but we will look at the state from a different perspective. We are leaving New York City and moving upward to the Upper Hudson regions. Published by New York State Museum and Science Service, this Hudson – Mohawk sheet is one of five geologic maps that covered the entire New York State. This particular map shows the geologic structures as well as the distribution of different types of bedrock and surficial deposits in the Hudson-Mohawk region.

As many of you might already know, geologic maps are primarily informative and are useful in earth science study as well as in land-use planning. On the base map, there are faint gray labels of highways and cities labeled out along the Hudson River. On the right side of the map is the explanation of rock formations in the order of new (Cenozoic) to old (Proterozoic) from upper-left to lower-right. Different kinds of rocks are represented by different colors and patterns.  Aside from the information on lithology, this map also presents tectonic features such as faults and thrust by using different types of lines.  

What are some geomorphic features you can find?

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Yidan Xu ‘24